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In a rapidly changing world we can offer the latest Camera and Lens combinations at competitive rates.
Every project has unique requirements for the best gear combination and we tailor the equipment to the job not the job to the equipment. 
So if the equipment you require does not appear here, we can likely source it for you.

Contact Mark for more information.


Camera Equipment

RED Epic
Canon C300 C500

Sony PMW-F55, PMW-F5
Sony FS700, F800, EX1 XDCAM
Canon 5D MkII kit
GoPro Hero 4 Black

3D Rig
3Ality Technica Neutron platform with medium mirror box full wireless control, Remote Focus Iris Zoom controls, Hedan motors with metadata.

Specialist Cameras

Phantom and Photron camera kits available (with dedicated technician)
Wills Underwater housing for EX1 camera kit with remote control package.
Starlight Camera, HD Lunax Starlight available


Canon Digital SLRs (5D MkII & 350D) with dedicated controllers
Canon L series & EF zoom and Prime lenses (15mm to 400mm)

Infra-Red Cameras & lighting

Canon 7D, PL mount  Infra Red modified. ( Uses 35mm PL cine lenses)
Infra-Red LED portable lighting: includes spotlights (100m + throw) and LED floods lights
Incandescent Infra-Red lights (dull red glow)

Specialist lenses
(for Film and Video)

Les Bosher Variscope IV straight scope / 45deg periscope, Bosher Probescope
Arri / Zeiss Macro lenses 100mm, 200 mm
Canon Macro MPE65, 1x to 5x magnification (suitalble for Red Epic, Canon 5D etc)
Zeiss Tessovar Zooming microscope (suits both film and video)

Sanken CSS-5 Stereo Microphone
Zoom H4n Recorder
Senheiser Radio Microphones
Sound Devices 442 Mixer


Dedo Tecpro Felloni, 50 deg, 30 deg, 15 deg & 50 deg bi colour, high output LED 1x1 panels
Arri Open Faced lighting kit, 1x 2k & 2x 800W
Chimera Soft light, lowel DP 1k.
Flicker free HMI’s available 575W to 16kW
Kino flo 12v and 120V/240V flicker free
Dedo master kit (mains & 12v)
Fibre Optic and Cold lights

Grip & Support

DJI Ronin kit 3axis gimbal stabiliser.
O’Conner 1030s fluid head with Satchler 150mm Med duty tripod kit
Pipe & ladder dollies
Cinekinetics Micro Jib Pro, Jib Arm
Jimmy Jib Triangle Remote Crane available
Cable Dolly 6m & 11m, all angles from horozontal to vertical camera travel
Quick rig Camera platform for use on poles / trees with wire ladders.

Facilities &
Other Equipment

Studio Space, 8.4m x 5.8m (30 ft x 18ft app), RCD protected mains, heating, hot water, sink & shower)
20 Acres forested back lot with enclosures.
Data Managment Equipment and Software
Inverter 12V DC to 240V 50Hz,  (for remote mains power)
Climbing Ropes / Equipment & safety harnesses
Generator ( sine wave) designed for use with delicate electronics


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