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Mark Lamble ACS is an experienced, versatile & award winning director of photography.

A truly multi-skilled cinematographer, Mark is experienced with 4K digital image acquisition, HD video and 35mm and 16mm film.
As a career cameraman, he has worked in drama, music videos, sports & documentary productions.
Mark is an Accredited Member of the Australian Cinematographers Society holding certificate No. 230.

A specialist in wildlife and natural history, Mark is able to draw on his broad professional experience to enhance the visual style of any production.

3D offers an exciting new veiwpoint for the natural world. With a top of the range 3Ality Technica rig Mark has embraced this advance in technology with enthusiam and passion. A way of filming the requires and a whole new way and creative way of thinking about images and content. Dont hesitate to contact us for information and advice on this rapidly expanding special;ist filed of cinematogaphy.

From time-lapse to ultra slow motion, Mark can create and capture moving images to surprise, astound and captivate your audience.

From a dusty outback sandstorm,  a monsoon downpour,  high in the rainforest canopy or drifting in an icy stream, Mark will be ready to roll. A built set, in a flow tank, a wind tunnel or with a microscope he will be standing by.

With a reputation for "getting the impossible", Marks loves the challenge of trying for shots and sequences that "can't be done". His technical knowledge, camera skills, bush know how and dogged tenacity combine to make the "impossible" happen.

His philosophy is: "Nothing is impossible, some things are just a little harder to achieve".

For your next production contact Mark for ideas, input, integrity, ingenuity and images.

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Stuart Lamble has grown up immersed in kit, wildlife films and film making. In learning his trade he understands attention to detail, careful observation and listening are of vital importance. With an enthusiasm for sound Stu is at ease with the latest equipment and technology. The importance of data security and careful managment of these assets is a priority for him.

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